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Penny Fender
Robert Dais
Director of Human Resources
Kim Domenighini
Business Manager
Mercedes Herrera
Assistant Business Manager - Board Secretary
Delaney Watkins
Account Specialist
Duncan Wilcox
Instructional Assistant
Lynn Cowdrey
Director – Education and Innovation & Improvement
Kara Robbins
Director - Special Education
Kalie Rolfe
Director of Early Intervention Program
Maggie Lowe
Director – Regional Support
Tiffany Jaeger
HR Specialist - Executive Secretary
Michelle Geer
School Safety Prevention Specialist
Carrie Somnis
OPK – Healthy Family Coordinator
Jessie James
OPK/PSP Home Visitor/Family Advisor
Jaelyn Justesen
Instructional Assistant - Sherman County
Chad Ayers
Regional Technology Coordinator
Joe Fernandes
Technology Specialist
Ashley Northam
Speech Language Pathologist
Jessie Kerslake
Learning Specialist - Sherman County
Heidi Beers - Hill
Learning Specialist - Sherman County