NCESD Mission Statement

Mission of North Central ESD

The goals of North Central Education Service District (NCESD) are to assist component school districts in meeting the requirements of state and federal law, to improve student learning, to enhance the quality of instruction provided to students, to provide professional development to component school district employees, to enable component school districts and the students who attend schools in those districts to have equitable access to resources, and to maximize operational and fiscal efficiencies for component school districts. North Central ESD meets the challenge of its mission by providing services to its constituent districts. Serving about 700 students in a 3,500 square-mile geographically challenging area requires a commitment to education.

The board and staff of North Central ESD adopt the philosophy of providing professional services and facilities on a cooperative basis with component school districts to assist each student in achieving his or her potential. Under the provisions of Oregon law adopted by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 2005, an Education Service District shall provide regionalized core services in:

  • Administrative/Business Services

  • Services for Children with Special Needs

  • School Improvement Services

  • Technology Services

The responsibility of the ESD is to provide these services as much as possible under the direction of the service grant 90/10 rule for expenditures. North Central ESD is willing to augment its service grant with other funding available to it; however, the local school districts are responsible for any additional