Healthy Families


What is Healthy Families Oregon

Mission Statement

Healthy Families Oregon promotes and supports positive parenting and healthy growth and development for all Oregon families expecting or parenting newborns that need and accept extra support.

Healthy Families Programs give new parents infomation about the following:

  • Free Welcome Baby Packet to all expectant parents when you complete and return this form

  • The latest information about how babies grow, develop, and learn both physically and emotionally

  • Ways to bond with your baby

  • Information about how to keep your family healthy

  • Tips for parents about infant sleep, play, attachment and more

  • Home visits for parents and their children prenatal through age three

Healthy Families of Oregon Goals:

  • Reducing child abuse and neglect

  • Increasing healthy outcomes for young children and their families

  • Improving school readiness by optimizing early learning opportunities, starting at or before birth

Does Healthy Families Work:

Independent evaluations over the past 14 years show that Healthy Start:

  • Decreases child abuse and neglect. Children NOT in Healthy Families were 2 1/2 times more likely to be abused or neglected.

  • Increases immunizations

  • Decreases emergency room use

  • Builds early literacy skills, leading to greater success in school

  • Improves children’s healthcare and prenatal care for their mothers’ later pregnancies

  • Identifies children with developmental delays and links them with services early

  • Improves parents’ ability to nurture their children